About us

About us

For more than 20 years, the Institute for Business Development has had the task of developing the knowledge and qualities of people and organisations. We translate new concept into usable courses and in this way support you through your change process.

The new world...

Until 2008 business was something constant and stable. Short periods of crisis were always followed by fast economic recovery and growth. However, today our managers – who got ahead in these quiet and certain times – are experiencing changes never seen before. ‘Business as usual’ no longer applies. And your certainties have also disappeared. The comfort zone of our managers is decreasing.

... requires a new manager …

In this new economy, new challenges and different opportunities control our agendas. And knowledge plays a more central role in this than ever before. That’s why the IFBD is pleased to present its total package of training courses, workshops and learning solutions. Each one essential if you want to remain competitive and innovative. Both as an individual and as an organisation.

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