About us

About us

For more than 20 years, the Institute for Business Development has been developing the knowledge and skills of people as well as organisations. We translate new concepts into usable training programmes to help you change.


Until recently, business was a constant and stable reality. Short periods of crisis were always followed by rapid economic recovery and growth. Today, however, our professionals – who built their careers in those calm and secure days – are experiencing unprecedented change. ‘Business as usual’ is no longer possible. All certainties have disappeared. A manager’s comfort zone is steadily decreasing. The professional must do more and more with fewer resources and fewer people ...


In this new economy, new challenges and other opportunities dominate our agenda. Knowledge is more central to this today than ever before. This is why the IFBD offers a complete package of open workshops and customised in-house learning solutions. Each of these is essential if you wish to remain competitive and innovative, whether as an individual or as an organisation.


We will develop your executive or CEO brain. The prefrontal cortex is that specific part of our brains that we need to perform in this complex new world. Yet, far too often today’s professional still thinks like an operational staff member. He or she has to learn to think and work like a true CEO: able to focus, persevere, delegate and let go; able to regulate emotions and deal with stress; able to be flexible if things change; able to handle unwanted behaviour; able to start, organise and plan tasks and projects; able to monitor himself or herself and provide leadership for people and situations; able to use working memory and think analytically; able to make decisions based on validated input; able to form a realistic self-image; and able to exhibit pro-social behaviour and keep the interests of others in mind, etc. These are but a few of the many CEO skills that are extensively addressed in the training offered by the IFBD.


  • The IFBD provides more than 520 unique open training programmes every year, of which +/- 70 per year are new.
  • The IFBD trains more than 5,800 professionals in Belgium with its open training programmes every year.
  • The IFBD trains more than 4,200 professionals worldwide with its in-house training programmes every year.
  • The IFBD provides more than 520 in-house learning projects at clients’ premises every year.
  • The IFBD has 10 FTEs who work only for you, the client.
  • The IFBD offers training in 32 countries in Europe, Asia, the UAE, Africa and the United States.
  • The IFBD has developed a network of speakers with more than 400 trainers.
  • The IFBD develops training programmes in 6 languages for these clients and offers them worldwide.
  • The IFBD has been granted the QFor label for the 4th time.
  • The IFBD is 100% independent.
  • The IFBD is a pure player and offers only training.
  • The IFBD has an average satisfaction rating of 92%.
  • The IFBD has trained 98 of the top 100 companies.
  • The IFBD has trained 430 of the top 500 companies.
  • The IFBD has grown non-stop since its foundation in 1995 by Dirk Spillebeen and Anne Carlier.
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