Customised training solutions

Basic financial training courses

Basic financial training courses

Why opt for a customised solution?

Many organisations survive thanks to cost control and cash flow management. And although in this postrecession these do indeed remain fundamental certainties, every operational manager also has to see the overall ‘financial’ picture. After all, any decision – however operational – also has a financial implication.

Our financial training courses for non-specialists are developed tailor-made for your organisation. We work using your balance sheets, your budgets, your investments, your cost prices, your ratios, your reports, etc. After a thorough intake with Finance or Controlling, our lecturers will speak your financial language and in this way we guarantee optimum transparency and recognisability.

Which courses can the IFBD customise for you?

  • Financial Management for Non-Specialists
  • Reading Balance Sheets for Non-Specialists
  • Excel and Financial Management
  • Setting up a Business Case
  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Investment Analysis

What our customers think... a testimonial…

"It is remarkable how Ronald succeeds in presenting complex financial matter to our people simply and yet clearly and completely at the same time. Everything follows on; everything is clarified with numerous examples and concrete cases. The exercises clarify the theoretical concepts. In this way there is an obvious answer for every question. Highly recommended without a doubt."

Thierry Rotsart
People Development Manager
Distrigas - ENI 

“For many years already the Van Gansewinkel Group has collaborated with IFBD to our complete satisfaction. The trainer passionately takes care of a very good course ‘Finance for non Financials’, one of the toppers in our in-company range of courses. IFBD’s strength is that they developed a programme together with our finance people, tailor-made for us. It’s not about finance in general, but about finance at Van Gansewinkel. This makes it easy to recognise for the participants and they can apply what they learn in everyday practice 1 on 1. As far as I’m concerned I would definitely recommend it for other companies!”

Roel Majoor
Manager OD/MD
Van Gansewinkel Group


"A client-oriented and flexible approach is central in our search for high-quality training courses. IFBD listens attentively to our training needs and gears the course to them. IFBD is willing to hold the courses at our offices; in this way our people can take part in the courses in a familiar environment, together with their colleagues. These factors, together with the ample practical experience of the lecturers lead to good interaction and maximum learning impact."

Stephan Gevaert
Head Management Accounting
Department: FAD Benelux Region
Indaver nv


"Twice a year we organise a “Finance for non-financials” session given by the IFBD. These sessions are always packed to the rafters purely as a result of word-of-mouth advertising. Professor Poppe can present a relatively dull topic (at least it appears to be to laymen) in an extremely interesting and enthusiastic way. He is so passionate about his profession that no question remains unanswered. He is an absolute “must-have” in our training catalogue."

Katrien Roland
Human Capital
KPN Group Belgium
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