Customised training solutions

Communication & Presentation skills

Communication & Presentation skills

Why opt for a customised solution?

Every managing professional ensures the realisation of the management’s targets. In other words: it is his or her task to translate strategy into operations. This requires unambiguous, specific, and clear communication. After all, miscommunication leads to loss of output, social unrest, stoppage, dissatisfied employees, increased costs, safety problems that are impossible to assess, etc.

The IfBD has developed a total packet of communication courses, from presentation courses about communication for managers to specialised courses on the subjects of absenteeism, assertive communication, and meeting management. Each courses is translated into your corporate environment to get the most out of the training investment.

Which courses can the IfBD customise for you?

  • Motivational Presentation
  • Presentation Skills for Experienced Speakers
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Reporting on 1 A4
  • Presenting to Top Management
  • Communication for Managers
  • Communication on the shop floor

What our customers think... a testimonial…

“As a technically-oriented and innovative company our people regularly remark that there is a meeting culture in which there is a lot of talking and discussion, but where little space remains for really elaborating and implementing all those ideas. Since we are still a small company, it is often the same people who are involved in all kinds of projects. That is why we decided to amongst things organise a course in “Effective Meeting” for this group with the primary objective of making the way they organise their time more efficient (do they really have to present at all those meetings?), as well as making the meetings themselves more smoothly and purposefully (are there clear agreements and targets? Is the meeting led well?).

To this end we called on IFBD. Together with the trainer we worked out a programme that departed from the daily morning meeting at our production department. The final result was a renewed approach to this daily meeting, with new roles and responsibilities as well as a different and above all a fresh view of the general way our meetings went.

The trainer reacted well to the needs of our group of employees and succeeded in getting everyone in line.

Marijke Tavernier
HR Officer
EVAL Europe nv
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