Customised training solutions

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

Why opt for a customised solution?

The shift from products and services to solutions… This is becoming the challenge that your business is also facing today. Its impact on your sales cycle, sales process and sales approach is far-reaching. Not only is your customer value proposition changing drastically, you are also ranging onto new markets with new players and new rules.

The IfBD has developed various learning processes in which both your marketing and your sales team learn to create value, for your client as well as for your own organisation. Our expertise lies in both B2B, retail and FMCG.

Which courses can the IfBD customise for you?

  • Selling Value through Solutions
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills
  • Coaching van Sales Teams
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Price Negotiation
  • Marketing Planning & Market Channelling
  • Product Management
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