Customised training solutions

People management & Leadership

People management & Leadership

Why opt for a customised solution?

Your people strategy supports your business strategy and vice versa. That’s self-evident, but reality teaches us that many people managers simply remain managers. Making adjustments on the basis of results and KPIs remains important but your organisation needs people who believe in your project and help to achieve it. Today, authentic leadership is no longer a fashionable and trendy item, but an absolute must. Both on the shop floor and in the board room.

The IfBD develops the talents of your people managers and your leaders by means of extremely practical workshops and simulations. Programmes are adjusted integrally to your corporate culture and your business model. We select our lecturers in function of the individual added value they represent for your organisation. We do not aim for the average professional, but on the real needs of your trainees.

Which courses can the IfBD customise for you?

  • Managing People
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leading Labourers
  • Conducting Evaluation and Assessment Interviews
  • Total Team Management
  • Female Leadership

What our customers think... a testimonial…

"Following various shifts within the organisation, within Eurobrokers we felt a need for an integrated in-house “Working with People” course for our primary executives.  Eurobrokers’ no-nonsense culture meant we needed training that was recognisable for the trainees but above all training that could be used straight away. No major strategic concepts, but a process that people can get to grips with straight away.  After analysing the real learning needs, the IfBD departed from our company culture and succeeded in developing a learning process that fully met our needs. The participants above all enjoyed the many cases, exercises and role-playing."

Myriam Tuymans
HR Manager
Eurobrokers NV
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