Customised training solutions

Performance management

Performance management

Why opt for a customised solution?

Today, performance management or taking decision on the basis of financial and non-financial information is the order of the day. However, to this end you must know performance indicators, critical success factors and standards & targets. Many organisations have a foolproof system for the financial reporting. But working with non-financial success indicators is often another story... And the link between the two usually non-existing.

The IfBD translates the basis of performance management to your organisation for you. Selects the right indicators together with you and defines the green and red lights. In this way, you will get a training course that can be used immediately and – since it is geared to your situation – creates value straight away.

Which courses can the IfBD customise for you?

  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Reporting Financial and Non-Financial Information
  • Scorecards in Excel
  • Working with KPIs
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