Customised training solutions

Personal efficiency

Personal efficiency

Why opt for a customised solution?

The operating pressure within our organisations is continuing to increase. Shareholders are becoming more critical. Management expects even greater and efficient output. Customers are piling on more pressure. Employees are becoming more demanding. Mistakes are not tolerated. Speed and accuracy are the focal point more than ever before. Work is increasingly becoming a source of unrest rather than of self-development.

Increasing your personal efficiency and that of your co-workers is therefore also a must. To this end, the IfBD developed various customised processes in which trainees learn how to get the maximum return – both strategic, tactical and operational – from input. We teach you how to do more in less time.

Which courses can the IfBD customise for you?

  • Getting Things Done
  • Worker in a Smarter Way
  • Empty your mailbox every day
  • Effective Meeting
  • Reporting on 1 A4

What our customers think... a testimonial…

"Getting things done".  Every day, we try to make the best of things with a whole range of tips & tricks from colleagues and from books,.  So it is with a certain amount of scepticism you and your colleagues go to the course, only to discover that the world really can look a lot more simple.

The course offered a far more structured and transparent way to deal with the many inputs. Inboxes, tickler files, using your PC and the mailbox efficiently... 

And yes, it does take a bit of effort because of course every day there is still the temptation to drop this system because of the time pressure.  But the benefits the system offers outweigh the disadvantages thousandfold.  And for example seeing your colleagues walking around with the same ‘notebook’ proves that it works and it motivates you to keep working with it. 

Highly recommended for anyone who sometimes feels they’ve lost their way. Finally we can round off the working day carefree and with an easy conscience. Bliss!"

Steven Straetmans
Production Engineer
Baltimore Aircoil
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