Learn to communicate like hostage negotiators

Learn to communicate like hostage negotiators

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We’re all taught to talk. Very few of us are taught to listen. And yet all effective communication starts with listening.  Especially in crucial conversations and negotiations…

Richard’s training redresses the balance. He’ll give you a range of memorable, robust and phenomenally successful listening skills. You will take part in a range of fascinating exercises to help you embed these new skills. Great fun to do, and proof positive of quite how powerful Richard’s insights are when you put them into action.

Richard is nothing if not authentic. Yes, he’s a world class speaker, delivering compelling content. However many say it’s his humility and humour that are proving to be a breath of fresh air at international conferences and events across multiple market disciplines.

The skills Richard put to use every day as a hostage negotiator have proved to be equally valuable in the business world. A world where effective listening is in high demand – to Boardroom level and beyond – as companies across the globe identify listening as a skill that directly impacts their bottom line.

Because as Richard proves, the intelligence gained from elite-level listening can be used to persuade, influence and negotiate.


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