Managing People

Managing People

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You are responsible for the business results of your team

You are struggling with a deadline or you have to take a crucial decision that impacts your company as well as your career… The last thing you need is “difficult” people to take into account.   When time becomes money and your management requires powerful measures, you expect your team to cooperate: quickly and rationally. You do not need displeased, complaining co-workers. You don’t want unmotivated employees who put their job and responsibilities on a side-track. You expect your people to be proactive at all times, even though the new-born child of your project engineer has been crying all night… Reality, however, is often different! And as a manager you have to able to deal with this.

Communicate clear goals and expectations, roles and responsibilities

Working with people is coaching and motivating them. Individually as well as in a team.  However, managers keep on underestimating their personal impact on the effectivity of their teams. For as a manager you have the power and the responsibility. The power to take decisions, the responsibility to achieve results. And therefore you need real skills.

Inspire and motivate yourself, your individual team members, your team and your management

Before you can take a step towards coaching people, you have to acquire insight into your personal leadership style. Only then you can grow to being a valuable people manager. That is why Patrick will on the first day especially dwell on who you are as a manager and how you can optimize your personal leadership style.

On the second day you will learn how to coach and guide individual employees. The entire performance management cycle will be dealt with. The emphasis in this case lies on how you can distillate every individual’s potential fully.

Your role as a team manager will be addressed on the third day. Individual employees function within a team. As a manager it is your assignment to integrate each individual employee within a strong, motivated and a result-oriented team. This is not easy, but achievable. How to do this, will be explained on the third day.

Don’t miss it … you will be a better people manager after this workshop, that’s for sure…

Anno 2016-2017 different management skills are required. A sputtering economy, company reorganisations, decreasing company results, limited space for negotiations…require vigorous leadership. Working with people has never been as complex and challenging as nowadays. This intensive workshop will augment your personal insight, practice your essential skills and help you setting up a motivated team. In this way you learn to work with people and orient on results. 

More than 700 executives, people managers and professionals followed this training in the last three years. Don’t miss out and register today. 


1.750 € excl. VAT

You will receive an extra discount  if one or more colleagues of yours participate in this event. Besides the financial support of the Vlaamse Overheid (the discount of 50 % if applicable for your company), the IFBD grants per extra participating colleague  5% extra discount on the total amount with a maximum discount of 20% (= 5 delegates or more).

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