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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

YOUR PRIVACY, OUR CONCERN … (concise version)

We appreciate our privacy, which is precisely why we respect yours. However, we do keep some of your data in accordance with the Belgian and European legislation. That data is completely protected from third parties but you can always consult it. And we never sell your data to third parties. Promise! The data we keep is limited to the data that we need to send you the e-mail confirming your participation and the invoice and also to communicate the practical organisation of the programme selected by you. And naturally to present our new programmes. After all, we believe in lifelong learning. We don’t use your private data (your home address, your age, etc.) and we certainly don’t keep it. In other words, we don’t know how old you are, whether you’re married or if you live in a terraced house or a villa.

Finally, you can always unsubscribe so that you no longer receive any post or e-mails from us. This is not done by a machine; our team of Training Officers personally follow up on each e-mail. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Herman, our Data Protection Officer, by e-mail at dpo@ifbd.be. He will be happy to help you.

To be perfectly clear, this is the data that we do store in our database:

  • First name and surname: we like to reserve a spot for you personally in the training room and always provide you with a badge and name plate when you participate.
  • Gender: everyone likes to be addressed correctly.
  • Job: our trainers like to know what really keeps you awake at night.
  • Company name and address: after all, we do need to send you an invoice.
  • E-mail: sometimes we need to be able to react quickly and clearly.
  • Telephone number: and very occasionally, it’s quicker by phone than by e-mail, especially if it’s really urgent.
  • Professional areas of interest: a financial professional simply doesn’t have the same learning needs as an HR professional.
  • History: in this way, we don’t keep sending you the same training course that you attended four years ago.

For the purists (lawyers and specialists) amongst us, we are happy to clarify the technical side of our privacy policy below.


YOUR PRIVACY, OUR CONCERN … (long version)


The IFBD’s company strategy focuses on striking the right balance between perpetuating our company activities and respecting your privacy. Following the European privacy regulations, we carried out an internal audit of our processes within the IFBD – in cooperation with the Lydian law firm – in order to comply with the provisions of the GDPR. Where necessary, we adapted and revised those processes. The crux remains that at all times you have the right to determine for yourself to what extent and how the IFBD communicates with you. 


With courses, workshops & training, the IFBD offers you the opportunity to remain abreast of the latest trends and evolutions within your own work processes. In order to organise these sessions, it is naturally necessary to be able to communicate about our range. We do this as efficiently as possible. To this end, over the course of more than 25 years, the IFBD has built up a database of clients and prospects. This data is used only for the IFBD’s operations and is in no case forwarded, loaned or sold to third parties.

We communicate in two ways:

  • analog: a package of training programmes is sent to a specific target group by post.
  • digital: a newsletter presenting a programme is sent to a specific target group and we present our workshops via our site (ifbd.be), partner sites (www.opleidingen.bewww.bedrijfsopleidingen.be, etc.) and social media.


Our B2B database is structured in such a way that we only keep the data that is necessary for optimum communication. The key to this are our “areas of interest” that are specified for each (prospective) client. Preferably you determine these yourself. You can indicate them on our website. If not, we try to determine them for you on the basis of your job, any previous interest shown or your participation in our training sessions.


In order to handle all questions personally (the IFBD does not use machine or automated processing), we have introduced a number of procedures and changes to the database to meet your needs in the best possible way. We inform you of how we work as follows:

  • Information on our website via the “privacy” webpage.
  • Placing a link to the privacy webpage in our marketing folders, both the hard copy and digital versions.
  • Link to the privacy webpage in our digital newsletter.
  • Link to the “unsubscribe page” in our digital newsletter.
  • A DPO Manager has been appointed and trained. You can always reach Herman Frencken by e-mail at this address: DPO@ifbd.be.

The IFBD undertakes to have one of its employees handle all your questions relating to your right of objection, to access or delete information within 24 hours.


A number of applications have been elaborated within our database to register our communication method per contact and/or company. Amongst other things, we take the following into account:

  • Whether communication by e-mail and/or post are permitted or not.
  • Periodicity of the e-mail communication sent to you: weekly or fortnightly.
  • Information about company policy of the (prospective) client: we keep information about the way in which the company itself has chosen how it wants to be communicated with.
  • Areas of interest: specification of the target group.


Although the information that we keep about you does not contain any personal data and is furthermore fairly limited, we have taken a number of measures to secure our database:

  • Access to the database is protected with a personal password.
  • Servers and individual PCs are protected with top-notch protection software (virus, anti-hack, fire walls, etc.).
  • The IFBD and its employees have concluded a confidentiality agreement.
  • Each database user is trained to handle your data in the right way.
  • Within the IFBD, a “Data Protection Officer” has been appointed who monitors all the actions within the database.
  • We only communicate using secured Internet connections (https + padlock).


Our website uses cookies to make our site even better for you. We use them to improve your user experience and make our advertisements and website even more relevant for you.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that remember your preferences whilst surfing and store them on your PC/tablet or mobile phone. So a cookie does not store your name, address, age or other personal data. This means that the data collected using cookies cannot be traced to a PC or a person.

The IFBD uses four types of cookies:

  • Permanente cookies: these cookies recognise the visitor the next time they visit the website. That way you don’t have to keep selecting your language preferences or accepting this cookie policy.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies make the way the website functions easier and more pleasant for the visitor, for example they remember your preferences.
  • Cookies for web statistics: by analysing the surfing behaviour of our visitors (pages most visited, type of browsers, PC versus mobile, etc.),  we can further optimise our website. To this end IFBD makes use of Google Analytics.
  • Cookies for marketing purposes which includes showing personalised advertisements. Cookies for Google Analytics and Google Ads are placed via our website. We have concluded a data processing agreement with Google. The information that Google collects is anonymised or pseudonymised as much as possible. Personalised ad functions are only activated if you accept those cookies. More information about what this entails can be found in Google’s privacy statement. The data collected by Google Analytics at user and event level is kept for a maximum of 50 months.

How long do cookies remain?

Most of IFBD’s cookies disappear as soon as you close your browser. You can always remove the other cookies in your browser.


We do not keep your data longer than you want us to or beyond the statutory period. Naturally we have to be able to communicate with you about the training you are attending and in case of any audits (e.g. QFor, Lifelong Learning, Cedeo certification, etc.) or inspections it must be possible to prove that you have participated. However you can decide to unsubscribe at any time.


If you have questions or something isn’t clear, please feel free to contact Herman Frencken, our DPO Manager. You can reach Herman by e-mail (dpo@ifbd.be).


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