Fundamentals of finance for the non-financial Executive

Fundamentals of finance for the non-financial Executive

  • Recognize key facts in your company’s financial statements.
  • Understand what the full story is in the company financial report.
  • Evaluate the financial outcome of your ideas before actually presenting them.


Financial reports speak their own language, and managers without a strong finance background often find themselves bewildered by what is being said. Finance for Non Financial Executives helps managers become familiar with essential financialinformation, showing them how to “speak the language of numbers” and implementfinancial data in their daily business decisions. In addition, it clarifies how and why financial decisions impact business and operational objectives.


Not just accountancy specialists deal with spreadsheets, and figures, and the financialside of business. It’s highly likely that, as a line manager, business manager or depart-ment head, you’re going to have to analyze or make financial data at some point, or have some form of financial recording to do as part of your job description.


In today’s business world, even non-finance executives are often called upon to make quick and accurate decisions about financial issues. The higher you rise in an organi-zation, the more important such financial skills become. This workshop “Finance forNon-Finance Executives” is designed to provide you with a solid understanding offinancial management principles and equip you with the practical skills to develop informed and effective financial plans. You will learn business critical skills in analy-zing financial statements, applied corporate finance, understand key financial indica-tors better, strategic management and the financial planning process. This workshop will enable you to contribute to discussions about the financial performance of your organization or business unit and will give you the confidence to make decisions based on financial data.


If you feel baffled by balance sheets, or confused by cash flow statements, then this training course is made for you. This workshop will take you through the basics of fi-nance for non-financial managers, to help you become familiar with the terminology, what it all means and how you can influence the financial success of your company,business unit or department.

This training seminar is designed to enable the manager to:

  • Answer questions about costs that affect his job;
  • Keep track of income and expenses associated with his job;
  • Recognize key facts in his company’s financial statements;
  • Understand what the full story is in the company financial report;
  • Competently deal with the company’s financial executives;
  • Easily justify his division’s budget;
  • Evaluate the financial outcome of his ideas before actually presenting them.
Johan Lyssens

Johan Lyssens

Johan Lyssens is professor in Financial Management at the university of Hasselt, Brussels and the Retail Banking Academy in London. He has been teaching as well in Europe, Africa, Asia as North and South America. Johan started his career with Bank J. Van Breda with responsibilities for the leasing business. In 1994 he became Managing Director and Member of the Executive Committee. In 2001 he became Member of the Executive Committee of Nagelmackers and Delta Lloyd Bank. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics (Antwerp University).

Since 2006 Johan has provided the Institute for Business Development with hundreds internal and external training programmes for both national and global customers.

As Head Instructor for the course ‘finance for non-financial executives’ he is also responsible for translating standard training into a more made-to-measure package. He has already trained thousands of managers for the IFBD, in both open and internal sessions.

Johan is highly appreciated by bothoperational and finance executives inmedium and large businesses.

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